Tour Of Wedding App

  • message center allows you to send messages to the person whom you find interesting. Start conversation, get to know each other and you can proceed with exchanging the numbers with each other.

    Requests :

    Send requests to the people that seem to be a perfect match for you. If they accept your request, you can proceed to know each other and get familiar with each other. You can also block the unwanted users to send the request.

    Notifications :

    Get notified everytime someone visits your profile page or checks your profile picture. You also the notifications if someone sends you a message or is starting a chat with you.

    Sent :

    Here you can see the messages sent by you. Your entire messages and chats are stored in the sent messages. You can also delete the history chats or mark the chats or messages as important.

    My Contacts :

    You can also maintain a list of your contacts and manage all your contacts. Mark the contacts that you are frequently using. Managing the contact list becomes easier than before.

  • helps you in searching for your perfect soulmate based on different criteria. For example age, location, language, profession and many more. You can narrow down the results and get the most relevant results.

    Quick search :

    Search from thousands of profiles and get the most relevant results. Quick search widget helps you to enter the details and it will display the filtered results in no time. It saves you from manually checking each and every profile.

    Saved Search :

    You can save the keywords or phrases you frequently search in the website. Next time you visit the website from your profile, you will see the saved searches of your profile. You can directly click on the saved searches and view the results.

    Profile Id Search :

    You can also search the profile by using the unique ID. If you are having the profile ID of any user, you can directly jump to his/her profile without wasting any time.

  • Make your profile look good by adding all the information. Profiles that are 100% complete are more likely to be noticed. Add your profile picture and other related information so that you are visible and easier to be found.

    Edit My Profile :

    Go to my profile page an click on edit my profile. You can add or update any information related to your account. Make sure that your profile is complete. This will help us in providing you the best matching results.

    Edit your social id :

    Add and edit your social media profiles on We allow you to display your social media profiles, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. This makes the profile more attractive. Moreover, it makes your profile look genuine.

    Upload Photo :

    We provide you the functionality to upload your photograph. Upload your latest photograph which is clear and sharp. Your photo is the first thing that gets noticed in the matrimonial sites. Make sure that you make your first impression a good one.

  • You can also upload your Facebook profile picture as the profile picture. Steps to use your Facebook profile picture as the profile picture are:
    1.Login from Facebook from your profile.
    2. Allow to use your basic profile information.
    3. Choose Facebook profile picture as your default profile pic in

    1. Privacy Setting knows the importance of your information and we take care of the privacy of your information. We give you the power to share or hide your profile information according to your convenience.

    2. Profile setting

    You can set your profile to be private or public. When set to private, your profile will be hidden from the searches and you are not visible to anyone. You are only visible to the users whom you are contacting. Whereas public profile can be seen by anyone in the Wedding app.

    3. Blocked profiles

    You can also block the profiles of unwanted users. When you block the users, they are added to the blocked contacts. You will not be visible to the blocked contacts and they will not be able to send you messages or contact you.

  • Alert Settings :

    You can set alert notifications to be on or off. You will be notified through Email or SMS every time any action is taken on your profile by any user. For example receiving any message, request, profile view or any other activity.

    Contact Settings :

    Manage all your contacts in one place. Mark the contacts that are important. Add, delete or edit the contacts. Block the unwanted contacts and prevent them from contacting you.