To protect your privacy,we suggest some simple guidelines

  • takes utmost care of your privacy. We provide you with a safe and secure environment where you can search for your soulmate. We screen the content before viewing to the customers. We ensure safety and security on our part. It is necessary for you too to take appropriate precautions to ensure your own safety. Here are some of the safety tips that will help you to protect your privacy.

    To Do :

    1. You can guard your anonymity al the time. On the online platform, you can remain anonymous unless to choose not to be. So share your information carefully.

    2. Share your information slowly. Share your basic information first and then you can start by sharing more information.

    3. Email communication is preferred at the beginning of the conversation.

    4. Understand the behavior of the other person.

    Not To Do :

    1. Do not share your personal information at the beginning of the chat. For example name, phone number, home address, office address etc.

    2. Do not use your regular or official email Id.

    3. Do not share images in the initial conversation.

    4. Do not use signature lines in the emails that include your name and phone number.

  • To Do :

    1. The next step is to meet the person face to face for offline communication. You are in control when it comes to taking an online relationship to offline.

    2. Even if you decide to meet offline, you can change your mind anytime.

    3. Inform someone before you are going to meet the person for the first time.

    Not To Do :

    1. Do not arrange your prospecting match to pick or drop from your home.

    2. Do not go alone at the scheduled place for the first time.

    3. Do not believe in the authenticity of the person unless you are completely sure.

  • provides various privacy features for the users:

    1. You can hide or make your profile visible any time you wish

    2. We do not share your personal information with other users.

    3. Your personal information is completely safe with us. We do not share personal information with third parties.

    4. We verify all the profiles before adding them to the database. All the phone numbers are verified. We do not create profiles without verifying the phone number of the user.

  • 1. We verify all the profile to know the genuineness of the profile.

    2. Our team checks the authentication of the information provided by the users.

    3. We verify phone numbers of all the users before creating the profile page.

    4. Users can hide or make their profile invisible.

  • 1. Do not share your personal information at the beginning of the conversation

    2. Do not share mobile number, landline number, home address or office address at the beginning.

    3. Meet at safer places and never go alone in the first meeting.

    4. Beware of the money scams. If someone asks money, cut off the conversation with the user

    5. Ask a lot of questions and look for inconsistency in the answers.

  • All the terms and conditions are to be equally followed by all the users. Any illegal activity can lead to the suspension of the account and legal action against the user. Read all the terms and conditions carefully before getting started.

    You can report to any misuse in the has the sole purpose for matrimonial and matchmaking. It is not meant for dating and other activities. If you find any violation of the terms and conditions by any user, you can contact us at

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